Our Team

EuroCAST USA is the brainchild of Darren and Ashley Patterson. Visiting Europe, they got a chance to see EuroCAST pans in action at demonstrations. The customer buzz was authentic and thrilling.  The Pattersons knew they could build momentum rapidly in the United States, and also wanted to answer the most fundamental business question: How can we broaden and innovate this cookware offering more joyfully into people's lives, so customers cannot imagine a world without EuroCAST? 

Available now in big box stores and military bases nationally, EuroCAST is growing fast with an American audience that appreciates the benefits of a cast product that feels professional and a ceramic finish that cleans as easily as any non-stick, but without PFOAs.

And with the company's warranty and weekly recipes, customers know that the company cares about them long after they've acquired these innovative tools. 

Darren 210 x 210.jpg

Darren Patterson, CEO

Darren brings a wealth of leadership in team-building, process management and cloud services to EuroCAST. With his MBA from University of Denver, Darren is building out a vision for a customer-driven platform to help people get the most out of their time with family at mealtime: more pleasure, less hassle, more quality time together. Cookware is just the beginning! Darren has also worked to raise poverty and urban food systems awareness. 

Ashley Patterson.jpg

Ashley Patterson. PRESIDENT

With degrees in communications and counseling, Ashley's leadership operationalizes the company with strong management and sophisticated branding skills. She has important experience in customer-facing and sales team-facing management. Attentive to detail, she has logistics and social media campaign experience useful in bringing together new customers, retailers, and EuroCAST marketing personnel.



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