Presenting EuroCAST Cookware! On your table.

Q: Dear Lisa, Thank you for doing this column! I think the cookware is gorgeous and I want to take advantage of that beauty by taking my food from the oven or stovetop to the table. I see you do this in your Recipe of the Week blog. And your table always looks so delightful. Any tips?

Frances in Fargo ND

A: Hi Frances, 
Remove the handles to start, putting the cookware on trivets or folded up tea towels so the hot pans don't hurt the table ... and I use a lot of wood serving utensils (I have an unending supply of these -- a story for another day). Wood is beautiful to use and safe for your EuroCAST. 

EuroCAST's matte black surface lends favor to many different color schemes, plates and decor. Check out the photos in our Recipe of the Week archives for a ton of ideas and how to mix and match with what you have and your EuroCAST pieces.

All that done, then you can snug up some of the lovely things that’ll go along with your dinner. I love fresh herbs all around me, so bunches go on the table. Plus I put out little ramekins of salt and pepper.

I also like putting iconic little things on the table that evoke love, play, the season, or even the passions of the people around the table. Look at the wooden dominoes on my latest recipe (The Secret Weapon). The whole meal is that much more pleasurable when everyone's heart and imagination are as piqued as their appetites.


Paul WardComment