Handling inventory post-show

As you probably read on HRP TEAM (Facebook), starting last Sunday, December 31, 2017, below is the new protocol for closing inventory stock. 

Option 1: Sell out, or if you don't, transport your own stock to your next, already-booked show. The form below, Forwarding Stock/Sell-Out Bonus is your go-to tool. It applies right now to Sam's Club ONLY

Option 2: UPS pickup. See full details after the purple form below. Do NOT use the form below for UPS pickup. 

Option 3: Estes pickup. Roy did an awesome, detailed video on this for you. Find it under "Do This Better" here on the sales portal. Do NOT use the form below for Estes pickup. 

Ask Roy if you're not sure which group you fall in. Thanks, guys!

Option 1: Transporting Inventory or selling out ($50 Bonus)

This option can only be done if you have another show booked!


  • All inventory is to be counted and checked out on Assist,upload inventory picture to Assist.
  • All inventory is to be left on a pallet on the loading dock unwrapped WITH RECEIVING NOTE!
  • All individual items must be put into a box, it must be taped shut, and labeled MISC #1, MISC #2, etc.  ABSOLUTELY NO LOOSE ITEMS, ALL MUST BE IN MASTER CARTONS.
  • The inventory check out (from your pallet packet) sheet must be taped to one of the boxes.
  • A picture of remaining inventory on pallet must be uploaded to Assist.
  • The RECEIVING NOTE must be taped to one of the boxes so it’s clearly visible to Sams Receiving and UPS staff.

Option 3: Estes Pickup/BOL (YOU WILL BE INSTRUCTED)

This method is how it has always been done. See Roy's awesome video under Do This Better. 

  • Count inventory, wrap pallet tightly. Tie wrap to pallet then wrap around the bottom 3 times, then work your way up over the top, and wrap around the top 3 times (this is very important!) 
  • Move pallet to loading dock
  • Upload pallet image to Assist
  • Check inventory out on Assist to get the weight of the pallet
  • Add 50lbs to the weight and write that on the BOL
  • Attach two filled out copies of the BOL to the front and back of the pallet
  • MUST attach inventory sheet to the pallet