Double Roaster Plus Starter Set Bundle

Double Roaster Plus Starter Set Bundle

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Our MVP, the double roaster, features a lid and bottom with ferrous plates for fast, modern induction cooking, durability, and professional results even on glass top, gas, or electric. The lid doubles as a grill pan, too!

This bundle includes the Starter Set, a terrific way to get started using EuroCAST, or to supplement your existing cookware — a real value when cooking big holiday meals.

In addition to two lids that can double as colanders, you get these three popular pieces:

  • 1 X 10” Sauté Pan (9.5”)

  • 1 X 10” High-Sided Sauté Pan (9.5”)

  • 1 X 1-1/2 Qt Sauce Pan (6.25” 1.2 qt)

Get it now before this bundle goes away!

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When you get our most valuable player, the legendary EuroCAST Double Roaster, at this terrific discount we’ll throw in the Starter Set for FREE!

The double roaster cooks two chickens at once, stews, small turkeys, braised dishes, sautéing meats that might splash too much in a standard sauté pan — perfect for everyday cooking as well as big get-togethers. Both the lid and the bottom feature our ferrous plates for induction cooking, and the lid doubles as a grill pan.

The Starter Set includes two lids and these three fantastic pieces, great for home or a gift.

It’s Spring! Get cooking!