Our stir-fry wok plus 11" sauté pan bundle

Our stir-fry wok plus 11" sauté pan bundle

399.99 629.98

Two of our most incredible pieces, made better by being bundled … because the wok lid fits the 11” sauté pan perfectly!

At this sale price, you get the wok at our best web price of $299.99, and we add our amazing 11” sauté pan for only $20 more. Unbeatable!

And, to top it off, free shipping to the Continental United States.

About the 11” sauté pan. Are you the top chef in the family? Welcome to 11 inches of cooking pleasure! Great for doing the big jobs in the kitchen. With our ceramic and titanium construction, you can braise meats at a low simmer all day. And with EuroCAST’s oven-friendly features, including our best-in-class removable handles, finish in the oven. 

About the wok. Half pan, half wok. Just what you need on a typical cooktop in most of the world, where a traditional wok can be just a bit too big. This pan makes it easy and fun to do controlled flip-sauté. With the removable handle, you can also cook beef and chicken in this, low and slow in the oven. A truly global approach to reinventing the wok!

PFOA-free, nonstick, removable handle. Ovenproof.

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