Thanksgiving side dishes: What we dream about all year

We enjoy a great turkey, but it’s the side dishes that make us swoon

Turkey day is coming fast, and many cooks get dizzy thinking about putting that large bird in its place so it’s juicy and delicious.

Well, let me tell you true: Don’t stress the turkey too much, because everyone’s going to get far more excited about your appetizers and side dishes. Just recall all your holidays growing up: You know you had favorites. For some, it was the green bean casserole, or Mac and cheese, or broiled sweet potatoes.

Things haven’t changed. And with a boisterous group descending on your home, the secret of your success will be the side dishes.

Herewith, some ideas I yanked over the interwebs from our Instagram account. (I featured our IG content here from time to time to remind you to subscribe to our account, hint hint.)

Click on the pics for the recipe details!

Mouth-watering, gorgeous roasted carrots

Click on the carrot hero image above to hop over to Instagram for the recipes. A little sweet, a little heat: Holiday carrots that’ll open your eyes

This dish is topped with yogurt and a squeeze of lemon, a perfect foil to the round flavor we give it with red pepper flakes (gentle heat), thyme (aromatic herb), and brown sugar (because, of course). 

Cranberry Sauce All Ready for a Big Date

Some people love cranberry sauce done traditionally. Some really, really, really do not.

But try it this way. You’ll never go back.

Onions, black pepper and red pepper flake make this extraordinary. Click on the image!

Brussels sprouts that will actually make you want to move to Brussels

Brussels sprouts, a Thanksgiving staple, often aren’t particularly inspiring.

We feel a bit obligated to inspire you big-time on Brussels sprouts. You see, EuroCAST’s mothership is in Belgium. Brussels is in Belgium. So, it’s only a sign of loyalty to all things Belgian to revisit this humble sprout.

And wow, this dish, on a cracker, on toasted baguette, this goes from app tray to table in a jiffy. 

Roast your Brussels sprouts to give them richer, sweeter, rounder flavor. The roasted shallots add sweetness, and the goat’s cheese with a fig & jalapeño jam give them creamy heat. 

Click the photo!


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