It's Turkey Time! So get your free PDF on how to cook a turkey!

When people get turkey on their plate, make sure it’s perfect. Here’s how.


On this week’s Recipe of the Week that showed up in your inbox yesterday, we gave you side dish superpowers. Just in the nick of Thanksgiving time.

But you still have the turkey on your mind. We’ve got a couple of resources for you — the kinds of hot tips that can raise your game a level or two.

First, take a look at our ROTW from last Thanksgiving. If you didn’t cook from those recipes then, you can cook from them now. It’s loaded with tips on how to make your turkey delicious (we made turkey last year in the lid of our EuroCAST double roaster).

Second, for your convenience, here’s our side dish-focused attack plan, from this week.

Finally — and this is probably the reason you’re here — we’ve got an updated version of our Turkey Day pamphlet on how to choose and cook your Thanksgiving bird. Just click on the image below!


We’ll see you next week right before the holiday, but in the meantime, you’re all set up with the tools, recipes, and photos you need to prepare for a delicious, joyful week!


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