EZ PAY TIP: Getting it to load faster when WiFi is slow

Hi, team. I've been talking with some associates who are using EZ Pay. Good news is that it works like a champ and has been bringing in thousands of dollars of new revenues.

One comment I heard a couple of times is that the EZ Pay screen was taking some time loading each time the sales associate selected it from the menu. I figured two things would help you out on this.


1. MAKE IT FASTER TO LOAD: Make the image on the EZ Pay page as "compressed" as possible, while also keeping it in place to express the joyous emotion we want our customers to feel getting involved with EZ Pay. (Customers sometimes fill out the forms under the guidance of the sales associate, so we have to pay attention to that emotional "moment of truth".)

2. MAKE IT RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO ACCESS. Ideally, you'd be able to get to the EZ Pay page from your tablet or phone without having to go through the home page of http://www.eurocastbrands.com.


1. We made it faster to load. The page is now about one-fifth the size it was before, so it should load about five times faster (all things being equal).

2. I found a link to explain how you can save the EZ Pay page to your tablet or phone, with information for all types of devices (Windows, Android, Apple).

Here's a link on how to do this. https://www.howtogeek.com/196087/how-to-add-websites-to-the-home-screen-on-any-smartphone-or-tablet/


Paul WardComment