We want you to pick the content creation collaboration choice that fits your workflow and audiences the best. You can change your mind in the middle; give us a call and we'll work with your preferences.


  1. RECIPE SWAPPING: For each of six months, we recreate a recipe from each other’s site/feed. You can use our cookware, or not. We'll promote you to all of our audiences (at up to 1.4 million per share, with 100K also directly reminded through our email program). You can promote the recipe as often as you like, but a minimum of 12 times is preferred, ideally concentrated over the first three months after the recipes come out -- we'll commit to at least the same amount.
  2. VIDEO MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE: Mystery Box Challenge, captured in video ideally, with basic collaboration prior to production and careful professional standards for production. This Mystery Box challenge is a heck of a lot of fun, and can be broken down into short "webisodes" that keep your followers hooked. We'll help guide you in video production if that's not your strong suit. This content would be co-promoted for six months, at least 12 times preferred, ideally concentrated over the first three months after the Mystery Box media product has been approved by EuroCAST for release. You will get two chances to review rough cuts and make suggestions. We'll do what we can to accommodate them. We will put this media production on our new YouTube channel as well. You'll have worldwide rights to use it as you see fit.


EuroCAST puts together promotions for its sets or for individual pans. We'll set up  a VIP-branded promo code for you and work out a revenue share for each promotion. Generally revenue share will vary from $20 - $50 per package sold. As our VIP influencer, you can share the promotion code as long as they want, for up to one year as long as supplies last.


Promote from any TWO of eight destinations and ten culinary-themed packages!

If 15 or more packages are sold under your promo code (and we'll help you promote it!), your personal trip to either of the destinations will be subsidized or free (except flight and ground transportation). 

You'll receive a revenue share for each booking on net terms from the time your followers book the package. You get credit every time someone uses your promo code. 

You can promote as few or as many of these destinations as possible.

These packages may or may not include EuroCAST cookware and/or other products that match the culinary themes of the packages. They may also include content created by us to get your travelers excited prior to the trip and to keep them looped into the knowledge they've learned and people they met while on their culinary holiday.

The destinations we can arrange for your audiences include: 

  1. Thailand
  2. Morocco - Fes & Marrakesh
  3. France - Paris (a short visit and a longer visit)
  4. France - Languedoc
  5. Italy - Abruzzo
  6. Italy - Bologna, Parma, Modena
  7. Italy - Sardinia
  8. Spain - Barcelona (a short visit and a longer visit)